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"Transfer of democracy discourses to society. Normative, empirical, and practical aspects"

21 – 23 October 2019, 9 – 16.30, University of Zurich and Polit-Forum Bern

I am pleased to announce the workshop “Transfer of democracy discourses to society. Normative, empirical, and practical aspects”, which I will conduct together with Dr. Rebecca Welge. The workshop is part of the series “Democracy as Concept and in Practice” of the Doctoral Program Democracy Studies of the University of Zurich (DPDS). It takes place from 21 – 23 October 2019 (21 and 23 October at the University of Zurich and 22 October at the Polit-Forum Bern).

The workshop deals with fundamental questions of democracy, including both normative and empirical approaches, and putting the question of how to transfer up-to-date scientific discussions to society centre stage. We will work on the exemplary topics of equality and federalism (or de-/centralisation), because they are crucial in all democracies and especially topical in Switzerland.

The workshop addresses primarily DPDS doctoral students, but is also open to advanced master students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from other universities.

We welcome registration until the 31 July.

For detailed information about international academic guests, learning targets, and the program, please download the workshop announcement here (PDF).

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